Pre Wedding Shoot

It is a day of fairy tales coming true! We all think that this is an event where couples are the main actor…

Post Wedding Shoot

Day after wedding photos are, for me, a unique invitation to your own private photo session…

Candid Photo/Video

Candid wedding photography involves taking pictures of people who are unaware that they are having their…

  • Wedding-cinema
    Wedding Cinema
    About me
    A cinematic wedding is a story telling from the beginning to the end. The wedding is captured differently with three best cinematographers capture the wedding. This style increases the emotional impact through use of slow motion and transition effects, saturated colors, creative camera angles and dramatic music. It is usually presented with a particular style and "wow" effect. It perfectly captures your culture, grand, emotion and unforgettable moments.
  • photofun
    Foto Booth
    We will arrange the FOTO BOOTH in the suitable place at the reception hall. Your Relatives or Friends or Kids any one can take pictures as solo or in group with lot of attractive properties like funny wigs, spectacles, masks, flowers, swords, etc.This will make your wedding a memorable one to your Relatives ,Friends & Kids. We will send the soft copy of the pictures to your respective Relatives or Friends or Kids through E-mail as well one complete copy to you.
  • Helicam
    Helicam Shots
    Helicam is a remote-controlled mini helicopter used to obtain aerial pictures or motion images using video, still or motion film cameras. The remote controlled camera mount system allows pan, tilt and roll movements.
  • wedding-timslapse
    Time Lapse
    Time-lapse photography is an interesting technique that records a scene or objects that has a slow state-of-change and turns it into a video that plays back in high speed.