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Think mother-in-law and you instantly get an image of a disapproving woman, sitting on the sofa, ordering another woman - most probably her daughter-in-law - around. Blame Indian television for this, but we instantly associate a non-likable woman to a mother-in-law. And the same goes for the daughter-in-law too. She is this scheming woman who studied ‘break up families' in school and majored in ‘make the husband choose you.... 
One of the biggest challenges of married life is to get along well with your in laws. Though this goes for both partners in a marriage, it is the woman who is affected the most. According to research around 60 per cent of all marriages suffer from tension with mothers-in-law that is normally between the woman and her husband's mother. The nagging, meddling mother-in-law is often the cause.... 
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