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International Women’s Day: A Celebration of Honoring the Little Acts of Women

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Imagine the life without your sister, mother, girlfriend, and wife!! Isn’t that feels horrible to even imagine? Yes, life would not have been that colorful without the presence of these beautiful ladies. None of us can even utter not to have been obliged to the love and support of one or many ladies in their life. A woman in the form of a mother made for us delicious food and soups when we most needed it, the sister who guided us on how to get dressed up while going for the first date, the wives who helped to make balance between the family and the career; woman in every form helps us to grow and flourish. Be it the celebration of women’s day in USA or women’s Day in India it is celebrated with the same goal of raising awareness about the straggles that the women have gone through and to honor their achievements in various fields.

International women’s day is all about telling these lovely ladies in our lives that how much we love, care and respect. This day is particularly celebrated with great zeal in those parts of the world where there still exists a huge gap between the male and female sections of the society. To inculcate a feeling of combating this menace of the society, International women’s day is observed with great fervor.

Women’s day is celebrated to honor womanhood by highlighting the milestone achievements, history of women’s day and to spread awareness about the rights of woman. Women’s day is celebrated in various parts of the world in different ways as per the intensity of the issues faced by the women of the country. It may be celebrated around the world with the aim of making people understand the contribution of woman to the society.

Changers that have brought about positive changes in the society. There are small piece of tasks that a woman do on the daily basis from coaxing the crying toddler to making meals for you to explaining meticulously the particulars of a new clients to the boss. It may sound trivial to many but these tasks are something which makes every big thing in our life. So, no one should take it for granted, the work she does every day. On women’s day each one of try to show our gratitude to these ladies of our life; Even a little thank you will lift the spirit of a woman who not only manages things at work, she manages her household in the best possible way. Empowering the spirit of woman is essential for the inclusive growth of the society as a whole. Empowered woman are more capable of fulfilling their dreams and contributing to the society to their full potential. Some of the tools to empowering woman include getting them well equipped with education, allowing them to get involved in the community, encouraging them to get financially independent, helping them get acquainted with their democratic rights and many more.

One of the motives of the International women’s day was promoting an open discussion on how to instigate women to understand their potential and celebrate their prolonged struggle for a successful life. Women’s day helps foster an optimistic change around the world by eliminating the gender gap. Across the globe events are organized and men and women come together advocating the idea of encouraging women to come forward and fight for themselves on their own.

Think a While and Let Her Shine!!

Mar 8, 2017
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