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How to make Biodata for Marriage?

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5 Steps to write a Good Marriage Biodata

Preparing a resume for a job seems very easy, but preparing a Bio-data for marriage seems difficult. This is because you are not sure that you have the qualities a potential partner will find attractive.

Making Bio-Data

How to make Biodata for Marriage?

Follow these five simple steps and write out a good biodata so something that will invite the right partner into your life.
1. Personal and community information.
2. Appearance.
3. Education and professional information.
4. Family details and Contact information.
5. PartnerExpectations.

These five points will cover the basic details about you and your family, and it will help you to discover your own self and qualities you hope your partner will have. Let us discuss these five points in detail.

1. Personal and community information :

Here you have to provide your personal information’s like
 Name:
 Gender:
 Date of Birth:
 Order of Birth:
 Place of Birth:
 Marital Status: (unmarried, divorced, widowed, separated etc.)
 Your Hobbies:
 Your Interest:

Community information’s like

 Religion:
 Caste:
 Subcaste:
2. Appearance:
Provide your Height, weight, build, looks, complexion.
Make that extra effort to get a nice photograph made. Always ask friends and family which photograph is the best. You’ll be surprised by their choice but make sure you go by it.
Try to submit a scanned copy of your Horoscope.
3. Education and professional information:
Here you are supposed to provide your education information in detail.
Regarding your profession details you are supposed to provide

 Your occupation mode either Government, private or Business
 Designation:
 Income details either monthly or annually
 Company details with location.

4. Family details and Contact information:
Here you should provide your family details
 Father & Mother Name with their profession.
 No. of Brother’s and Sister’s with their marital status.
 Origin (Native)
 Family status (Middle/Upper Middle/High)
 Property details (This will help to measure you status).
 Contact Information
Try to provide you contact information in details (with Land Mark) provided with two are three Mobile numbers, Email ids so that let other can contact you easily.
5. Partner Expectations:
Here you write what age, caste, educational background, family type, profession, looks etc. you hope your partner to have.

Get your partner’s views on all of the above but be ready for surprises. Your partner might think in a completely different way from what you had wished and hoped she/he would think. Pause and reflect, are you ready to accept these differences?
We wish you to enjoy a Happy Married Life.

Jul 13, 2015
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