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Wedding is the big day in any girl’s life. Girls start dreaming about their wedding look from a very early age. On this auspicious day, a bride wants to look her very best as she is the centre of attraction in the wedding. To make this eventful day memorable, a lot of pre-planning is required. It starts with choosing a gorgeous wedding attire, beautiful hair styling and not-to-miss, the perfect makeup.


South Indian Wedding is a treat for the eyes. There is nothing more boisterous and glorious than a South Indian bride and her wedding ceremonies. South Indian brides wear vibrant colored silk sari and are loaded with glittering gold ornaments. This is complimented by the ornate heads dress that characterise South Indian brides. Therefore to make the bride look gorgeous you need the perfect make up that accentuates the overall look. The makeup for South Indian brides should add more beauty to her stunning sari and exquisite gold jewelry.

Face Makeup:

•The first step for any makeup regimen starts with cleaning the face. Use a mild cleanser to clean the skin from dirt and get a fresh-looking face. After cleaning, pat the skin dry and use a good moisturizer to amply hydrate your skin. Dryness on the face can make the makeup look very cakey.


•The wedding day is a really big day for the bride, therefore the makeup should last for a longer time. To get your makeup stay perfectly till the end, you must use a good quality primer. The primer smoothly evens out the texture of the skin and also refines the open pores on the face.

• Now you need to work on the concealer. This helps in hiding all the blemishes, pimples, dark spots on your face. It is always good to use a cream based concealer.

• Choosing a right foundation for the face can be tricky. A foundation should perfectly match the skin tone and should never look brighter. For a long lasting effect, patiently apply multiple layers of foundation.

• Use a dash of pink blush-on on your cheeks to get the natural glow.

The Perfect Eye Look:

A dramatic eye makeup looks excellent on South Indian Brides. Start by using an eye cream followed by a primer to even out the eye area. Use a gold or bronze eye shadow to compliment the look.


Use the brush from the centre and work towards the end, first on the lower lid and then upper lid. Use a waterproof eye liner or kajal to highlight the eyes. Apply at least 3 coats of mascara to get the smoky look. Brighten the eye makeup by applying neutral tone glitters on the inner corners and brow bones.

How To Get Luscious Lips:

As the focus of this bridal look for South Indian brides is the eye, you need to underplay with the lips-do to get the best look. The color of your lip shade should depend on your lips size.


If you have small, thin lips use a light lip color and for fullers lips it is suggested to use darker shades. This will make your pout look more appealing and sensuous.

It is well known that beauty comes from within. So just be happy and follow these makeup tips for South Indian Brides to look gorgeous and leave a lasting impression. Stay beautiful and happy!

Mar 26, 2015
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