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Amazing Scientific Reasons behind Hindu Wedding Traditions

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In Hinduism traditions are considered to be superstitions and quite a number are followed during the Indian Weddings as traditions are based on scientific knowledge and are moved on from generations to generations. The science behind the traditions and rituals will make you know what rituals mean in actual. All the rituals have been practising from the ancient times, and because of this reason it found to be more logical. During wedding there are some rituals which are to be known.

The Significance of Mehndi applied to Hands

Mehndi is a very powerful medicinal herb, besides lending colour to hands. Indian Weddings are stressful, and therefore, the stress can cause headaches and fevers. As the result, when wedding day approaches, the excitement mixed with nervous anticipation can take its toll on the bride and groom. Mehndi is applied to prevent too much stress and it cools the body and keeps the nerves from becoming tense.

Mehendi Images - Hindu

The most important thing is Mehndi is applied pre-wedding onto both hands and feet. The ritual named Mehndi ki Raat is celebrated as the bride adorns her hands and feet with beautiful mehndi designs. Mehndi ceremony has even its cultural significance and is one of the oldest traditions that is followed even today. Mehndi represents the sign of good luck, love, affection between couple. Mehndi traditions have popular beliefs like the colour of the mehndi on the bride’s hand would represent the love between the couple. The more darkness of the mehndi the more love and affection between couples. Mehndi adds more colour to Wedding celebrations. Even the significance attached to it keeps it as an integral part of the wedding ceremony.

Why is Turmeric used during wedding

One of the most important ritual is Turmeric ceremony which is applied to the bride and groom before their wedding at the respective places. Turmeric is applied to the bride and groom to bring a natural glow onto their face at the time of wedding. It is generally applied two days & three days before wedding.


It is celebrated as the Turmeric ceremony and the traditional reason behind Turmeric is the custom that fends off evil spirits from causing any harm. Turmeric is the wonder herb and used as antiseptic and other medicinal uses. Thus, the scientific reason lies in applying haldi to the bride and groom. It kills the bacteria in skin giving the couple more radiant glow and brings a moisturizing effect on the skin.

Indian Women Wear Bangles

Bangles are the most essential ornament which should be followed by the ladies. Bangles resemble the Indian culture. Apart from beauty of the bride bangles are worn on the wrist portion which has continuous activation as per the beat. For different ailments first the pulse rate is checked which is again in the wrist location.


Constant friction increases the blood circulation level. The electricity passed between the bangles as bangles are in ring shaped bangle has no end to pass energy outside and keeps healthy. Therefore, bangles are considered as auspicious for Indian women.

Putting Sindoor In Vermillion

Sindoor being the symbol of matrimony for a Hindu woman, even has some great health benefits as well. The application of sindoor by married women has a physiological significance. Vermillion the red powder contains turmeric, lime, and a minute level of the metal, mercury. This is the main ritual followed by the weddings and it has been practised since 5000 years ago and is still to be continued as it shows the main difference between the married woman and unmarried woman. Sindoor is the new life given to the woman who also wish for their husband’s long life.


When sindoor is applied on the bride’s hair partition, due to its intrinsic properties, the mercury besides controlling blood pressure cools down the body and makes her feel relaxed. It also activates a sexual drive among them. And this is the reason why, widows or unmarried women prohibited from wearing it. It should be applied right up to the pituitary gland where feelings are centred. Mercury also removes stress and strains.

Wearing Toe Rings

The Hindu brides in various cultures, are mandatory to wear rings on their second toe. This tradition also has two amazing scientific reasons. Firstly, there is a nerve in the second toe, which connects to the heart while passing through the uterus.

Toes Ring

The toe ring makes the uterus stronger and regulates the menstrual cycle. Secondly, these rings conduct the polar energy from the earth to body.

Holy Fire

The holy fire around which the bride and groom take their vows also has a special significance.
Where in the fire is a very strong cleanser of the surrounding environment. It takes away the negative energy and spreads positivity.


When ingredients, such as different kinds of wood, ghee, rice, and other herbs, etc., are put into the fire, the smoke emanating from it becomes an extremely powerful purification agent which is good for the health.

Apr 19, 2016
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