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10 Reasons why to get married?

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Since Marriage is a part of each and every one life there should be a clear idea of why we should get married? This question arises in each and every one’s mind but a very few find a answer for this. So we will discuss some factors about why we should get married?

Next stage in life:

Marriage takes you to a family life from the Bachelor life. It creates a respect for you among the society you live. It makes the people to look you in a proper manner. Marriage takes you to a new world where you can achieve whatever you need. It creates a status in the public.

Share your feelings:

Our Live is not be same it will change in time.Living life as a single forever may sound appealing, but at some point, all of us feel the need to be watched by someone else, and have someone else to share our happy and sad moments.

True love:

By getting married you can express your true love to the person who loves you truly. It creates a platform for true love. By expressing your true love to others you can gain more respect from others.

Express yourself in society:

Marriage creates you a chance to prove yourself in the society. It makes the normal man to think high. It shapes you well to face the world boldly. It creates many opportunities to lead a successful life.

To be committed:

Marriage is the highest commitment you can give to the one you love to prove your love for them. It makes you to be committed to specific tasks which give a meaning to your life.

To Gain support:

Marriage is the best support system that life offers. When you’re going through a difficult time, just knowing that you have a spouse who can share and ease your burden can help you get a better outlook towards life.


Marriage is a tradition that’s stood the test of time. And just like how we tend to believe things that have been tried and tested, marriage is one of those traditions that has worked for almost all couples, as long as they’ve truly love each other.


With Marriage you can register your name in the society for your generation. It generates a representation for your kids to have successful journey in their life. Marriage brings people closer and will maintain secure relationship


If you truly love the one you’re married to, you’d be motivated to create a better life for you and your spouse. At the same time when ever your are in trouble either health wise or financially or in a deep depression you will be motivated by your spouse or family member related to them to overcome the issue.

Support to your parents:

It is your responsibly to take care of your parents when they are aged. Will you be happy if there is someone who shares your responsibility in taking care of your parents, then you should get married. Marriage is the only way where you can find someone who really loves and takes care of your old age parents.


Jul 30, 2014
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