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Relationships are very fragile, if not watered continuously with the water of love, care and understanding, they might just dry up, leaving you feeling sorry. Its very important for us to make sure that the bond we share with our loved one is always full of life and enthusiasm. Sometimes it might seem tough looking at our responsibilities, hectic life styles, time issues etc, but a little extra effort.... 
Have you been dreaming about your engagement forever? And when it finally happens and you do have that ring on your finger as a reminder, you'll have to pinch yourself to get back to reality. But one thing is for sure, nothing will remain the same. That ring is going to bring with it a lot of changes and here are the 17 things that no one told.... 
Tips for a Happy Married Life Aug 27, 2014by admin
Introduction:                       “Marriages are made in heaven” Make your marriage as wonderful as heaven. A happy married life also results in a happy life overall. Find out the secrets to make your spouse happy and feel special. Tips to lead a happy marriage life ! Money is important! But do not let money be a cause of friction in your marriage. Make a spending plan and discuss.... 
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